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We are members of the International Satsang Association located in the United States.

The International Satsang Association (Internationale Satsang Vereingung), a global organization with headquarters in Graz, Austria, is a companionship among those who are open to the truth in all religious traditions 

and are seeking to know the source of all life, accepting their need for guidance, challenge and support in the concrete living out of their ideals.

Satsang members recognize the barriers which are at the heart of many of today 's social evils, barriers which create fear and suspicion and thus keep people in conflict.

In small, often unnoticed, yet significant ways they are working to transform fear into respect and understanding - wherever they live and work.

Satsang members make a serious commitment to:

The purposes and values of the International Satsang Association are:

Satsang groups in the USA include:


Seeking together • helping to create • a planetary vision • a universal heart