Together in Ministry (TIM) was created by the Ministers Council of the American Baptist Churches USA to encourage formation of collegial groups for the strengthening of ministerial leaders. Through a grant from the Lilly Foundation, each collegial group received $1800 to obtain a facilitator for the group. Members of the collegial group who were due-paying members of the national Ministers Council received $100 to help cover meeting costs such as travel and books.

Although the funding for this program has now come to an end, several of the groups continue to meet. New groups can be formed as interest arises. Please use our website contact to reach Nancy Smith for information.

2004 was the first year of this three year program. Nine groups were funded in MCGBA that year. Again in 2005, nine groups were funded through the MCGBA. The only Ministers Council with more funded groups was Upstate New York with twelve.

In 2006, twelve groups were funded through MCGBA, the largest number for any ministers council in the country. For the current year, thirteen groups have been funded, again more than any other council.

Together in Ministry Groups

Current      2007 2006 2005 2004

2012 Together in Ministry groups
Ministry of Worship
Nancy Hall, Facilitator
To read together and explore questions regarding free church worship in the twenty first century and to encourage members in writing liturgical material
Asian American Clergy of Northern California
Katy Choy-Wong, Facilitator
Using a retreat setting, the group will provide mutual support, resources, and training.
Sustaining Grace Amelia Chua, Facilitator

Our focus is to enable women in ministry, whether clergy, seminarian, or lay-leader, to experience a place of support and nurture in their spiritual journeys.

Senior Pastors Rotating leadership
This group of Senior Pastors meets every other month to share a meal and fellowship, to offer mentoring, encouragement, prayer, scriptural study and support to one another.
Joseph Campbell Study Group
Robert Walter, Facilitator
Group meets monthly for two hours to review the work of Joseph Campbell.
Emerging Asian American Women in Professional Ministry
Sandra Lee, Facilitator

This TIM group includes select Asian American women who are called into professional Christian ministry and are either in their last year of seminary or have recently graduated seminary discuss unique challenges of ministry and provide support and encouragement.

Theological Reading Group at ABSW
Dale K Edmonson, Facilitator
Group meets monthly to discuss books that all have chosen to read together.
Naga Seminarians of the Bay Area Jonathan Zingkhai, Facilitator
We meet monthly for a time of Christian fellowship, sharing (teaching, learning and exploration), devotional and family gatherings
New Life Men’s Gathering
Thuiya Rumthao, Facilitator
We meet monthly to be accountable to one another as Disciples of Jesus Christ, to share devotional times, to offer mutual support, and to explore areas of service within and outside of the church.
Women Growing Together
Yokmi Rumthao, Facilitator
We plan to meet monthly to encourage, support and lift up one another in our Christian faith; to cultivate Christian practices, and to mentor young girls.

Covenant Couples
Marie Onwuburariri, Facilitator

The members of this group recognize that our similarities in age group, years in marriage and ministry, and gender dynamics particularly in leadership in the church and home pose us unique challenges. Our main focus is to support one another and seek out resources that will help us address Christian practices and concerns.
EastBay Christian Advocates for Urban Ministry
Joyce Whitfield, Faciliatator
Members are all students in the San Francisco Theological Seminary doctoral program.