Building Community

The community of pastoral colleagues who share the same challenges and joys of ministry is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. This God-given community offers us the opportunity to discover the gifts, wisdom and encouragement of our friends and co-workers as we come to know each other and seek to bear one another's burdens.

In our busy schedules it is often hard to find time to establish and strengthen those connections with each other, but we invite you to take this time to join us. We'll catch up what is happening in ministries across the Greater Bay Area. We'll share singing and worship. And we will have time for serious conversation-about ourselves, about our ministries and about how God sustains is in our day-to-day work.

Our gathering of the Ministers Council of the Greater Bay Area will be on Tuesday, September 21 from 11 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. at the Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church in Oakland. Lunch will be provided at the cost of $5 per person. In order to have an accurate meal count, please send me an email right away as to your attendance plans.

In the business portion of our gathering we will be electing officers and voting on proposed amendments to our constitution.

Nominees are as follows: 4 yr. term: Clark Flesher, Senator; 2 yr. terms: Micky Holmes, President; Charlotte Myers, Secretary; Dorothy Spann-Agee, At-Large; 1 yr. terms: Andy Kille, Treasurer; James Chuck, At-Large; Dayle Scott, At-Large. Nominations may be made from the floor for the above positions. However, the nominee must have given his or her permission prior to the 21st.

The suggested amendments [current bylaws]:

Article III, Section 1.

Add the sentence “Others may become members of this local council only by recommendation of Executive Committee and the consent of the membership.”

Article V, Section 3

Replace “Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the manual to guide this body in all matters of parliamentary practice not prescribed in this Bylaws or special rules that this body may adopt.” with “Unless otherwise specified, all decisions of the council shall be by consensus.” (See the description of “consensus.”)

Currently we have 54 dues paying members of the council. The annual dues are $50 ($25 goes to national which makes you eligible to receive $100 for participating in a CCG group; $25 stays with our council). Bring your check for 2005 dues on the 21st. Dues is payable to “Ministers Council’ and be given to or sent to our treasurer Julia Burns-Robinson, 2614 Ellerhorst Ave. El Cerrito, CA 94530.

Looking forward to your presence and participation on September 21 st.


Dayle Scott, President and Chair of the Steering Committee